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Educational Laboratories References

The Educational Laboratories Dept.   supplied the following customer over the years many equipment specially in the establishment stage as following :

The Universities :

University of Jordan

Yarmouk University (Al Hijawi Collage )

Jordan University of Science & Technology

Mutah University

Al Albyt University              

Hashemite University 

Al Balqa Applied University (all Branches )

Al Hussein Bin TalaL University

Al Tafileh Technical University

German Jordanian University

Amman Ahlia University

Applied Science University

Al Petra University

Al Isra'a University

Philadelphia University

Al Zarqa University

Al Zaitonah University

New York University

American University


Ministry of Education

Ministry of public works & Housing 

Ministry of Agriculture


General Supplies Dept.

Energy and Natural Resources Dept.

Vocational and Training Centers (VTC )

Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co.



Royal Scientific Society

Jordan Armed forces

Jordan Air Forces

Royal Jordanian Air Academy

Middle East Air Academy

Main Privet Schools

The International School of Choueifat

International Academy

Kings Academy

Amman Academy School

American Modern School

Ahlia School

Rosary School

Amman  Baccalaureate School

International School for Girls

Al Manhal School

Orthodox School

English school

Montessori School

AL Mashrik School

Al Maaref School

Amman Schools

American School

AL Itehad schools

Al Radwan School

Baptist School

Philadelphia School

Islamic Scientific  Schools

De Lasal School