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Scientific and Medical Supplies Co. (SMS), Established in 1953.

is one of the most established companies in Jordan. It is a leading supplier and distributor of many products mainly in the Technology, communications, e-Solutions, and Medical, Analytical, and Educational fields.

During 50 years of activity, SMS has developed an excellent relation with customers in both the official and private markets. SMS has kept a high level of credibility, an impeccable reputation, and a good connection in the Jordanian market. SMS has always been able to promote the companies they represent in the local market, and to open new doors for business opportunities.

SMS, is being one of the most dynamic IT Companies in Jordan market as we have proven the ability to accommodate different business initiatives and find different solutions specially for Enterprise system sectors also the ability to create Wintel Based System environment that is running under Intel for personal computers based on the Intel microprocessor and one of the Windows operating system from Microsoft and this applies for implementing solutions but in order to success the entire operation we did manage to establish a hardware dept. that take cares of providing the proper hardware equipments in so many SKU's such Notebooks, PC's , Servers, and different type of printing machines from the entry level Inkjets to high end MFP's.

For completing the entire process we also provide a Network Infrastructure Dept. that also take care of designing the network infrastructure in the most highly professional and efficiency at a lower cost can be with the high quality products that has certificates and accredited through the most

As the technology became more advanced day by day and to protect the date from On-Line threats that can shorten the machine life and leads to the theft or corruption the data including sensitive personal information we did manage to create a department its priority to maintain a software and hardware security and firewalls solutions to keep the customer date untouchable

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Founded in 1953

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